Programs designed to improve each students confidence in the water through surfing. Share knowledge of the ocean, local marine life and applicable ways to help conserve our coastal habitat.


At Greenwave Surf we believe that when a person falls in love with the ocean through watersports such as surfing and gains awareness and understanding of the ecosystem they inherently become future ambassadors of our oceans and coastal habitats.  



Greenwave Surfs programs are designed to bring the classroom outdoors 


Surf, Ocean Education, and Local Marine Life 

Greenwave Surfs Local Wildlife and Ocean Education Programs provide a fun engaging outdoor classroom. In addition to a lot of surfing, students will deepen their knowledge of how the ocean works, swells, tides, beach ecology, ocean safety and local marine life. Each week parents receive a summary email reviewing topics that were discussed and provide options to prepare for the following weeks lesson.

Next Session begins Jan 10th 2019

Thursdays 10:00 am-12:00 pm,  

6 Class Meetings per session, $350



Intermediate Surf Coaching 

Surfing with friends is always fun! This is meant to be a time where kids that are familiar with surfing can come together regularly and be inspired and encouraged by their surf coaches and each other.  At each session, technique and ocean IQ will be expanded upon. 


Introduction to Surfboard Design and Care

This course is designed to teach students about the science and artistic craftsmanship of designing and shaping a surfboard.  Each student will collaborate with a professional shaper to create a surfboard. Whether a novice or an advanced surfer, understanding the concepts and intricacies behind surfboard design are helpful for every stage of a surfer's journey.

Elisa is incredible and so amazing with the kids. Her passion for the ocean, surfing, health, fitness and life truly shows. Such an amazing program.
— Dave Hough
My daughter LOVES this surf camp and I know it’s because you are a great teacher and example! Can’t wait to come again next year :-)
— Bekah Dougher
My daughter Emalee (age 10) had the most wonderful experience! The instructors were amazing in and out of the water. The whole crew had such diverse skill sets from surfing, to water safety and oceans ecology to teaching art and ukulele. In just a few days Emalee’s surfing improved leaps and bounds and she even learned how to play the ukulele, which by the way she now plays every day! I can’t say enough about Mrs. Popka and her crew. Thanks guys for all you do!
— Kelli Miller
Elisa’s passion for children & surfing & excellence is apparent to all who know her!
— Katie Flores